We provide expert advisory services in managing the costs of corporate IT departments. We do this by providing senior IT and Finance managers with transparency over the true costs of providing any IT service. This includes all infrastructure, services and applications.

We work for the senior management of organisations ranging in size from a few hundred people to many thousands. Our clients operate in the UK and across the rest of Europe and come from a diverse set of industries. Most, but not all are public listed organisations. We typically work with the senior executives of the finance organisation, the IT organisation and the general corporate executive office.

Technology Business Management

We use the Technology Business Management (TBM)* standard framework to provide IT Cost Transparency, Show Back / Charge Back of IT Services to the business and benchmarking at an infrastructure cost level.

This means we can implement a standard IT taxonomy that allows you to break down IT costs in a way that has tangible meaning for the business. This in turn allows you to show the value of IT services and start to manage business demand for those services based on accurate records of cost and consumption.

To download an example of the model and request a contact please click this link http://matrecis.com/download-full-model/

*For more on Technology Business Management (TBM) see tbmcouncil.org

A summary outline of the model is shown below.

An example of the taxonomy tuned from first-hand experience is shown below.


What We Do

Obtain visibility and control over IT service costs

We help you through the steps needed for a successful implementation of a TBM proof of concept. We follow a proven and structured model that transfers the skills and techniques that you will need to begin to show the true value of IT.

We provide a blend of skills based on having first-hand experience of occupying the CIO role in large listed organisations. These skills include: IT management, finance, technical architecture and change management.

We can help you if you are new to TBM or if you are already embarked upon it.


How We Do It

How the model works, how we drill down into IT service costs and how you can benefit

Whilst spreadsheets are vital everyday tools they do not scale and certainly do not support a management framework based on the principles of TBM.

Whilst our services are technology agnostic we do use the Matrecis.com platform to deliver the proof of concept. This allows us to structure and present your data back to you as well as giving you an interactive platform for drill downs and analysis. This platform is free of charge for the proof of concept and free for six months afterwards for qualifying organisations. There is no obligation to use Matrecis.com it is merely the best way for us to get you up and running quickly.

Our techniques and services are platform independent.


We have industry leading clients in the following sectors:

  • Financial Services.
  • Industrial Services.
  • Logistics.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Petrochemical.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Telecommunications.


We are engaged by the senior management of large corporations usually the CIO, CFO or CEO. People who are concerned with maximising the value from their crucial investments in technology.

Clients Include:

DHL, Alliance & Leicester, BT, Christian Salvesen, IAG, Brammer, One World.

About Us

Who We Are

We are a team comprising strategists, technologists and senior business managers.

Our objective is to help clients deliver measurable value from their investment in technology at an acceptable and controlled level of risk. Our people have backgrounds in industry, consulting, finance and technology.

What We Do

  • Morgan Hill started providing advisory services in 2005.
  • We work with the senior management of large organisations to provide certainty in technology investment and direction.
  • We show the real costs of delivering IT services and help senior management to choose the most appropriate technologies at an acceptable level of cost and risk.
  • We help clients align strategy with IT by relating corporate objectives with all elements of the IT investment.
  • We transfer the skills required to govern investments from a value and risk perspective. We set up or improve the corporate structures that control those investments.