Rapid View

The rapid view gives you an immediate and structured view of where IT products and services are being used in an organisation. It provides an IT view, based on a logical functional model of IT and a business view, based on business units and applications.

It is used for cost reduction purposes as well as for planning change programmes and new investments.

We use the IT Cost Model with your data to produce this rapid view for you. Output is a written report supported by online access for you to the analytics used to produce the findings.

Costed Heatmap of IT Products & Services

Business view

Results of analytics run

Benchmark view


Shows what all IT products and services are, where they sit in a standard IT functional model and what they cost.

All apps and supporting services listed and costed by business unit.

Cost reduction opportunities usually starting with supplier by service provided.

Shows duplicated services, fixed costs that could be variable, underutilised products or services, opportunities for tech changes.

We maintain over 50 benchmarks. These are used to compare service performance and cost with peers.

What is recommended as next steps to make changes, where why and with what expected result.

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